Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

Our Kitchen Cabinet Restoration Process

  1. We arrive at your home & put on our shoe covers.
  2. We number your cabinet doors & drawers.
  3. We remove the hardware from doors & drawers.
  4. Load your doors & drawers in our work van.
  5. Begin masking off your kitchen.
  6. Set up our dust & odor control equipment.
  7. Clean your cabinets to remove impurities.
  8. Make any necessary repairs to your cabinets.
  9. Gently sand your cabinets.
  10. Apply the original stain color to your cabinets.
  11. Apply multiple coats of sealer, scuffing between coats.
  12. Apply multiple top coats of finish in the sheen of your choice.
  13. Reinstall cabinet doors & drawers.
  14. Reinstall the original cabinet hardware.