Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process

  1. Mask off your Kitchen to protect your home & family.
  2. Setup dust & odor control equipment.
  3. Remove the hardware from your Kitchen Cabinets.
  4. Transport your doors & drawers to our workshop.
  5. Hand strip your kitchen cabinets to remove the old finish.
  6. Neutralize your kitchen cabinets to deactivate the stripper.
  7. Make all necessary repairs to your Kitchen Cabinets.
  8. Gently sand your Kitchen Cabinets as necessary.
  9. Apply the stain color you select to your Kitchen Cabinets.
  10. Spray on multiple coats of sealer, scuffing between coats.
  11. Spray on multiple top coats of finish in the sheen of your choice.
  12. Clean up the work area and haul away all of the trash.
  13. Reinstall the original hardware on your Kitchen Cabinets.
  14. Rehang your Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  15. Do a final walk through with you and collect payment.
  16. Go over our 10 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee.

Why Choose Elite Wood Refinishing?

          1. We offer a 10 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee on our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing projects.
          2. You can try before you buy, because we offer you a free sample of our work on your cabinet door.
          3. Meet the finisher who will be working in your home during our free in home estimate.
          4. Cleaning up after us won’t be necessary, we use odor & dust control equipment.
          5. Matching any look you see online or in a showroom is possible with us.
          6. All of our Cabinet Refinishing projects are professionally sprayed on like a factory finish would be.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing FAQ

Can I change the stain color of my Kitchen Cabinets?

Absolutely, we can update your Kitchen Cabinets for a fraction of replacement cost. Whether you want to go with a darker stain like a mocha or espresso, or a light grey we have a wide variety of stain colors to choose from. We can match any look you love whether it’s something you saw in a showroom, or online!

Do you have to hand strip my Kitchen Cabinets?

We only have to strip them if the finish is in poor condition or if you want to change the stain color. If you want to restore the existing color without stripping, we definitely offer that service and it’s called Kitchen Cabinet Restoration.

Thank you for considering us for your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing project. Please visit our Facebook Page to learn more about us.