Furniture Touch Up

Furniture Touch Up Services Include

  • Burn Repairs
  • Chip Repairs
  • Color Matching
  • Crack Repair
  • Epoxy Putty Repairs
  • Hard Fill Repairs
  • Mover Damage
  • Scratch Repairs
  • Spot Repairs
  • Stain Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we Touch Up your furniture at your home or business?

Yes most furniture touch up projects can be performed in your home or business in 2 hours or less.

Does Furniture Touch Up Smell?

That depends on the nature of your project, but we normally use aerosol cans if we have to spray. Which means that any odor should be minimal, I would compare it to a can of hairspray. Definitely not a pleasant smell, but it dissipates quickly.

Is Furniture Touch Up Messy?

I think that may depend on who you hire. Here at Elite Wood Refinishing we mask off our work area and clean up after ourselves. The goal of our touch up appointment is to make the damage to your furniture acceptable to you and to leave your home or business in the same condition we found it.

Can we fix pet scratches & chewing?

We can successfully repair most furniture damage caused by dogs or cats in your home, without having to bring the furniture back to the shop.  Most importantly, we are pet friendly, most of our customers and employees have pets. Which is why, we enjoy making new four legged friends when we can.

How difficult is it to repair Mover Damage?

The majority of furniture damaged caused by moving companies is minor and can be fixed at your home or business in 2 hours or less. If the damage is significant and you would like us to take the item back to the shop with us we can do that for you.

Do we touch up Kitchen Cabinets?

Our touch up service isn’t exclusively for your furniture, we can touch up or repair any wood surface in your home including your Kitchen Cabinets. However, if the damage is extensive our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing service may be a better option.

What does Furniture Touch Up Cost?

It varies from project to project, as a result there are a few ways to get a quote. For instance you can email or text us a picture of your project or you can call us to get a quote over the phone. (636) 675-5033

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