Furniture Stripping

Our Furniture Stripping Process

  1. Pick up the furniture you would like to have stripped.
  2. Remove the hardware from your furniture.
  3. Hand strip your furniture to remove the old stain & finish.
  4. Neutralize your furniture to remove any impurities & deactivate the stripper.
  5. Deliver the stripped furniture back to you.

Email or Text (636) 675-5033 a photo of the Furniture you would like stripped for a free quote

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Stripping process damage my Furniture?

Hand Stripping your furniture is the only way to guarantee it isn’t irreversibly damaged by the stripping process. Here at Elite Wood Refinishing we specialize in hand stripping your furniture the right way the first time. We never use a dip tank or flow over tray to strip your furniture. We never power wash your furniture either. Call us to learn more about our Furniture Stripping process at (636) 675-5033.

Do you offer Pick Up & Delivery?

Elite Wood refinishing believes making it easier for you to do business with us is a win win. Which is why we offer free pick up & delivery to all of our clients.

What do you charge to Strip Furniture?

That varies from project to project due to age, condition, size, etc. The easiest way to get a quote is to email us a picture and measurements of your project to . You can call us for a ballpark quote over the phone as well at (636) 675-5033.

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