Furniture Repair

Our Furniture Repair Services

  • Burn Repair
  • Chair Re-Glue
  • Chair Repair
  • Chip Repair
  • Dent Repair
  • Drawer Repair
  • Gouge Repair
  • Ring Repair
  • Scratch Repair
  • Etc

Frequently Asked Questions

My furniture has lots of scratches, will they come out?

Minor scratches can usually be touched up without refinishing the item in question. It all depends on how deep the scratch is and what kind of stain and finish are on the item currently. If touch up & repair won’t work then we would have to hand strip the old finish off and thoroughly sand the item to remove all of the scratches.

Can you re-glue loose or broken chairs?

Elite Wood Refinishing offers chair repair and chair re-glue services. When we glue a chair we knock it apart and re-glue all of the joints and clamp it back together until the glue dries. We can recreate missing or broken pieces like spindles. We can conceal damage from breaks and touch up the missing color. Wh?

How do you repair a water ring from a glass?

Normally we can come out and repair that in person with our furniture touch up service. Depending on the type of finish and the severity of the damage touch up may not work. Which would mean the item in question needs to be refinished in order to remove the ring. In either case the damage can be repaired and the item restored to like new condition.

What does Furniture Repair Cost?

It varies from project to project, as a result there are a few ways to get a quote. For instance you can email or text us a picture of your project or you can call us to get a quote over the phone. (636) 675-5033

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