Furniture Refinishing

Our Furniture Refinishing Process

  1. Pick up the furniture you would like to have refinished.
  2. Remove the hardware from your furniture.
  3. Hand strip your furniture to remove the old finish.
  4. Neutralize your furniture to remove any impurities.
  5. Make all necessary repairs to your furniture.
  6. Gently sand your furniture as necessary.
  7. Apply the stain color of your choice.
  8. Apply multiple coats of sealer, scuffing between coats.
  9. Apply multiple top coats of finish in the sheen of your choice.
  10. Restore the hardware to its original condition.
  11. Reinstall the original hardware on your furniture.
  12. Deliver the refinished furniture back to you.
  13. We offer a 10 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee on Furniture Refinishing.

Email or Text (636) 675-5033 a photo and measurements of your project to get a quote.

Furniture Refinishing FAQ

How can I get a Furniture Refinishing Estimate?

You can email us a picture and measurements of your project to for a firm estimate or you can call us for a rough estimate over the phone at (636) 675-5033 .

Can you change the stain color of my Furniture?

Yes we can match any look you love, just provide us with something to color match whether it is a photo or a door or drawer from another piece of furniture.

Do you offer Pick Up & Delivery?

We offer a free Pick Up & Delivery service to all of our Furniture Refinishing clients. Call us at (636) 675-5033 to learn more.

Will you refinish Teak Furniture?

Yes we offer Teak Furniture Refinishing.