Furniture Caning & Rushing

Our Furniture Caning & Rushing Process

Furniture Caning by Elite Wood RefinishingFurniture Rushing by Elite Wood Refinishing

  1. Pick up the furniture you would like to have re-caned or rushed.
  2. Remove the old caning or rushing.
  3. Install the new caning or rushing.
  4. Color match the new caning or rushing if desired.
  5. Deliver the re-caned or rushed furniture back to you.
  6. We offer a 10 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee on Caning & Rushing.

Email a photo and measurements of your project to get an exact quote or call us at (636) 675-5033 to get a ballpark quote over the phone.

Furniture Caning & Rushing FAQ

Do you repair hand-tied caning or hole caning?

Yes, we can repair or replace hand-tied cane. This is a more traditional method of caning, which is labor-intensive. As a result, it costs more todo hand caning than it does todo sheet cane replacement.

Does your free pick up & delivery service include Caning & Rushing?

Yes, we offer free pick up & delivery for all caning & rushing projects. Whether you need 1 chair caned or rushed or a whole truckload we offer free pick up & delivery to all of our clients.

What is Caning & Rushing?

As pictured above Chair Caning & Chair Rushing are ways to give a chair a seat or back that appears to be more natural than fabric.

What Items Can Be Caned or Rushed?

We’ve Caned & Rushed Chair Seats, Chair Backs, Chair Arms, Headboards, Footboards, Couches, Chaise Lounges, & many other types of furniture.

Do you offer Antique Furniture Restoration as well?

           Yes, we offer Antique Furniture Restoration and Furniture Refinishing services as well.

What Does Chair Caning & Rushing Cost?

That depends on the type of caning or rushing you have. There are many different types some are hand-tied some are glued on in sheets. In either case, we can give you a quote if you email or text us a picture and measurements of your project. Be sure to include a picture of the bottom and top of the chair. The easiest way to detect if it is hand-tied is to see the bottom of the chair. Email or call us at (636) 675-5033.

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